We believe the fuel that moves you and your business should be effortless and guilt free. WE SUPPLY DIESEL TO ANY DESTINATION WITHIN UAE.

Abrahimi wahid Fuel Trading L L C is proud to serve our clients as an independent corporation established in and launched into global markets from Abu Dhabi and Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

Abrahimi Wahid Fuel Trading LLC operates in diesel fuel supply and transportation all over the United Arab Emirates . Our services to our valued customers guarantee efficiency. punctuality & reliability. We serviced over 60 customers in the UAE, most of which are regular. Supplying diesel to any destination within the UAE, we prioritize customer satisfaction throughout.

Our Mission

We aim to create ideas, concepts and sustainable cheap fuel supply & easy transportation environments for a broad range of clients, who wish to have a track of all their orders and updated low diesel prices. We strive to maximise investment returns, while maintaining a strong business ethos based on ethics, integrity, sustainability and a commitment to the environment and the communities in which we operate.

Our vision

By developing innovative concepts and solutions that exceed client expectations, we will become a leader in the markets in which we operate. Respected, dependable and trusted, we pride ourselves on delivering against the promises we make to our business partners, stakeholders, employees and the community.